Sunday, November 29, 2009

Message For Jubilee Year in Vietnam

VATICAN CITY, 26 NOV 2009 (VIS) - Vietnam is celebrating a Jubilee Year to commemorate 350 years since the foundation of the apostolic vicariates of Tonkin and Cochinchina, and fifty years since the creation of the Catholic hierarchy in the country. The Holy Father has joined the commemoration, sending a Message to Bishop Pierre Nguyen Van Nhon of Dalat, president of the Episcopal Conference of Vietnam.

In the text, dated 17 November, Benedict XVI notes how the opening of the Jubilee coincided with the feast of the 117 Vietnamese martyrs and expresses the hope that "the recollection of their noble witness may help the People of God in Vietnam to intensify their charity, increase their hope and consolidate their faith, which daily life sometimes tests very harshly".

The Pope likewise recalls how the opening celebrations took place at So-Kien in the archdiocese of Hanoi, location of the first apostolic vicariate in Vietnam, and expresses the hope that this site may become "the centre for a profound evangelisation which brings Vietnamese society the Gospel values of charity, truth, justice and rectitude. Such values, if lived following Christ, take on a new dimension which surpasses their traditional moral sense, because they are anchored in God Who desires the good and happiness of all creatures".

"The Jubilee Year", he writes, "is a time of grace in which to reconcile ourselves with God and our fellow man. To this end, we should recognise past and present errors committed against brothers in the faith and against fellow countrymen, and ask for forgiveness. At the same time, it would be appropriate to commit to increasing and enriching ecclesial communion, and to building a more just, united, equal society through authentic dialogue, mutual respect and healthy collaboration. The Jubilee is also a special time given to us to renew the announcement of the Gospel to everyone, and to become, to an ever greater degree, a Church of communion and mission".

Benedict XVI concludes his Message by greeting religious and laity in Vietnam who, he writes, "are ever present in my thoughts and daily prayers", and by encouraging bishops "to bear witness with courage and perseverance to the greatness of God and the beauty of life in Christ".

Source: Vatican Information Service VIS 091126 (380)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tổng giáo phận Toronto ( Canada) có Tân Giám mục phụ tá người Việt

TGP TORONTO – Ngày 6-11-2009, Đức Thánh Cha Bênêđictô XVI đã bổ nhiệm thêm hai giám mục phụ tá cho Tổng giáo phận Toronto, Canada. Một trong hai vị tân giám mục là Vincent Nguyễn Mạnh Hiếu, Chưởng ấn kiêm Trưởng ban Điều hành Văn phòng Tổng giám mục Toronto. Tân giám mục Vincent Nguyễn Mạnh Hiếu sẽ nhận hiệu toà Ammaedara.

Đức Tân Giám mục Vincent Nguyễn Mạnh Hiếu sinh ngày 8-5-1966 tại Saigon. Ngài là người con thứ sáu trong gia đình 9 người con, 7 trai 2 gái. Thân sinh là ông bà cố Vincent Nguyễn Thế Tấn và Maria Đặng Thị Phượng, nguyên quán giáo xứ Giáp Nam giáo phận Bùi Chu.

Cha Hiếu rời Việt Nam năm 1983. Năm 1984 đặt chân tới Toronto, Canada và tiếp tục chương trình trung học. Năm 1987 theo học trường Đại Học Toronto tốt nghiệp kỹ sư điện.

Năm 1992 dưới sự hướng dẫn của cha cố Phêrô Maria Phạm Hoàng Bá, ngài vào Đại Chủng viện thánh Augustine Toronto.

Ngày 9-5-1998 ngài được thụ phong linh mục do Đức Hồng y Ambrozic, Tổng giám mục Toronto chủ phong.

Sau khi chịu chức linh mục, ngài được chỉ định làm cha phó giáo xứ Thánh Patrick Missisauga 3 năm và sau đó được bổ nhiệm làm quản xứ Thánh Monica Toronto.  Năm 2004 ngài được bổ nhiệm chánh xứ giáo xứ Thánh Ceclia, kiêm quản xứ giáo xứ Các Thánh Tử đạo Việt Nam tại Toronto. Trong thời gian này ngài là thành viên Hội đồng Linh mục, thành viên Hội đồng Quỹ truyền giáo và Hội đồng tư vấn của Tổng Giáo phận.

Năm 2005 được cử đi học tại Đại học giáo hoàng thánh Tôma Aquino, Roma và tốt nghiệp cử nhân Giáo luật. Năm 2008 sau khi du học trở về ngài giữ chức Phó chưởng ấn Tòa giám mục Toronto. Tháng 9, 2009 vừa qua Ngài được Đức TGM Toronto bổ nhiệm làm Chưởng ấn kiêm Giám đốc Giáo phủ Tổng giáo phận Toronto.

TGP Toronto là giáo phận lớn nhất Canada, gồm 225 giáo xứ, hơn 800 linh mục triều và dòng, với gần 2 triệu người công giáo dưới sự cai quản của Đức Tổng giám mục Thomas Collins và 4 giám mục phụ tá, kể cả 2 giám mục vừa được bổ nhiệm. Trong TGP Toronto thánh lễ tiếng Việt được cử hành hằng tuần tại 3 thánh đường và có 6 linh mục triều gốc Việt trong TGP.

Lm. Giuse Phạm Hồng Chương, Toronto, Canada


TORONTO (6 November 2009) - The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, has appointed Father Vincent Nguyen of the Archdiocese of Toronto and Father William McGrattan of the Diocese of London as Auxiliary Bishops for the Archdiocese of Toronto.

His Grace, Thomas Collins, Archbishop of Toronto, responded to the news with the following statement:

"We thank the Holy Father for blessing us with two new shepherds to assist the people of the Archdiocese of Toronto as we grow together in faith. I have worked closely with both Father Nguyen and Father McGrattan; as bishops, they will bring a love of the church and an abundance of gifts to their new roles. I look forward to collaborating extensively with them in the days ahead."

Bishop-elect Nguyen spoke of the announcement: "I am humbled to have been asked by the Holy Father to serve the people of the Archdiocese of Toronto as Auxiliary Bishop. To the faithful of the Archdiocese, please pray for me as I embark upon this new ministry as I will pray
for you. I will do all I can to assist Archbishop Collins as we strive to strengthen and nurture the diverse faith community of the Archdiocese."

Bishop-elect McGrattan commented on the Holy Father's appointment: "I am blessed to have served the people of the Diocese of London for the last 22 years. While it will be most difficult to leave the wonderful family I have come to know so well, I eagerly await the opportunity to
meet the faithful of the Archdiocese of Toronto. Please pray that I will be faithful in this challenging ministry. I hope that as I come to know the priests, deacons and lay leaders, we will be able to share the blessings of pastoral ministry which I experienced in London."

Father Vincent Nguyen was born in Viet Nam in 1966, the sixth in a family of seven boys and two girls. He came to Canada in 1984, entering St. Augustine's Seminary in 1993. Ordained a priest in 1998, he has served in parish ministry in Mississauga and Toronto while also providing pastoral leadership for Vietnamese Catholics in the Archdiocese of Toronto. Father Nguyen traveled to Rome for studies in 2005 and was awarded a Licentiate in Canon Law from the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas (Angelicum), Rome in 2008. He returned to Toronto and was appointed as Vice-Chancellor of Spiritual Affairs in August 2008. In September 2009, he was appointed as Chancellor of Spiritual Affairs and Moderator of the Curia.

Father William McGrattan was born in London, Ontario in 1956, the oldest of two children. He entered St. Peter's Seminary in 1982 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1987, serving in parish ministry in Chatham, Ontario. Father McGrattan studied in Rome and earned his
Licentiate in Fundamental Moral Theology from the Pontificio Universita Gregoriana, Rome in 1992. He returned to London, joining the faculty of St. Peter's Seminary, teaching theology courses and eventually serving as Vice Rector and Dean of Theology. Since 1997, he has served as Rector of St. Peter's Seminary in addition to serving on numerous boards and committees.

As one of the most diverse dioceses in the world, the Archdiocese of Toronto is home to 1.9 million Catholics who celebrate Mass each week in over 30 different languages. More than 800 diocesan and religious priests serve the Catholic community in 225 parishes across the

Photos and biographical information regarding the Archdiocese of Toronto's newest bishops can be found online: